WP Auto Affiliate Links Plugin Add Affiliate Links to Your content Automatically

If you have a blog or a site and your having a low income even though your article or content is rich in quality still your income is low and you want to increase your income then my friend you have stepped into the right place. Here at blogging desk we will show you how to increase your income through affiliate marketing and what are WP Auto Affiliate links?


WP Auto Affiliate Links are basically those links which are automatically added in your content or article to generate more traffic to your blog or site and pay you more then what just Ad Networks pay. They save you a lot of time and frustration by just one click.

When I started blogging I dint knew much about affiliate marketing so I ignored it and focused on my contents and articles later on when I could not generate traffic and could not earn much despite all my hard work I searched and Googled  how to increase traffic and income. Then from there on I came across ad campaigns and got to know about affiliate links. It then took me a lot of time to find and add links to my articles now how many links can a person add in five hundred or thousand articles it was a lot of frustration and pain but then WP AUTO AFFILIATE LINKS came into my life like a gift from a fairy GOD mother.

Many professional bloggers use WP Auto Affiliate Links to generate their traffic to increase their income. This WP Plugin is connected with world famous sites such as amazon, clickbank, sharesale, Ebay and etc. what this WP Plugin does is that it adds links that are connected with these sites and when people click on these links you get commission for that its as simple as that isn’t it.

How it works?

Go to your search engine type WP Plugins download and from there download it from just one click. Then activate the plugins from your word press or blog post panel. Then add your links along with your keywords. Now select the following options for your links…no follow, do follow, cloaked, to open in a new window, high or low. By keeping high or low it will decide the number of links that are added to our content or blog.

if you choose to do it automatically it will generate links from amazon, clickbank, sharesales, Ebay and etc but for this you have to request an API key and then activate each content.

If you still have any confusion or doubts here is the YouTube tutorial on how to install and how it works.

They even give you 60 days money back guarantee. If your not satisfied with their work they return you your money but with in 60 days after you purchased the WP plugin.


  • Earn more money through affiliate links.
  • Save your time by not worrying about managing and adding affiliate links to your contents.
  • Focus more on your work, blog, content.
  • Generate revenue from previous content posts.
  • Have active affiliate links all the time.
  • No more annoying ads and low payouts.
  • Improve your online business.

Reviews by Professionals.

By dynamikhgynaika, February 4, 2016

This plugin is extremely useful especially for websites with many posts. You can add-remove-change affiliate links in all your posts very easy. I believe that this plugin can increase the income of blogs especially with blogs with many posts.

This plugin is a very good idea and it is extremely useful.

Future requests: Random placement of affiliate links to specific keywords. Now the plugin adds the affiliate link to the first keyword. It is better to add the affiliate link to a specific keyword randomly in the post.

Perfect Plugin By jayfriedmn, February 15, 2016

This plugin is simple and absolutely hits the mark!

Excellent Plugin for many uses (not only for affiliates)

By MassimoD, March 11, 2016 for WP 4.4.2

A plugin is as good as the developer behind it. And in this case, the plugin developer is extremely responsive and helpful to requests and possible bug reports.

Also the plugin is working great, even in free mode. For me it works for affiliate usage (20%) but mostly for internal linking (80%).

Thanks for your work and your support.

By Vladimir Unguru, July 1, 2015 for WP 4.2.2

Great work! I previously used another plugin, but it had serious issues. I was even prepared to rewrite the replacement algorithm. I only have basic skills in PHP.

But I found your plugin and it solved my problem in full.

I only wanted to propose a new feature: when setting a limit for same keyword or general frequency, don’t just replace first occurrences of the keywords, but optionally spread the replacements evenly throughout the content.

Quick Response to an Issue By vTechTeam, June 8, 2015

This is a Great plugin for promoting affiliate links in post. I did have an issue where YouTube videos stopped playing while plugin was activated after a WordPress update but the problem was solve within an hour after showing the programmer the problem. GREAT JOB!!!

Great plugin By Yudhistira Mauris, May 5, 2015 for WP 4.2.1

The plugin is great. It works as advertised. It still can be improved and the developer is certainly willing to do that.

funktsianal plugin By Nikonn, December 31, 2014 for WP 4.0.1

The plugin itself is good, would put a five-star, there is a caveat, for me personally, the plugin does not support Cyrillic letters, but the developers have developed plug it for yourself, for what they are huge respect.