Why People Fail Even They Choose Low Competition Keywords

Why People Fail Even They Choose Low Competition Keywords?

A lot of people say I have selected many low competition keywords, but the real problem is that they are not getting ranked. Why? There are many reasons, but one of the reasons is.

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You know there are 3 kinds of keywords:

1. Transnational Keywords (The keywords which are used to buy something i.e., Buy iPhone 7 Cheap)

2. Informational Keywords (The keywords which are used to give information or knowledge to users i.e., how to do keyword research)

3. Navigational Keywords (Those keywords which are used to go to the specific site or to a location i.e., Facebook Sign In or Minir-e-Pakistan to Hafiz Center)

Now the problem is that a lot of people find navigational keywords or those keywords which are low competition, high volume or even high CPC, but are not useful. Because they don’t have any real intent. Suppose Minar-e-Pakistan to Hafiz Center has a monthly search volume of 100,000, competition low and good CPC, but do you know people would see Google Map, and move on to their life. They would never open the site that has got a position 1 or 5. Because you’re working on a keyword that has no clear intent. That has no common sense.

Another example. People get a keyword like Gmail Log In, it has a good volume, do you think people would click to your site? Never! They want to sign in Gmail, and nothing!

Just try to understand the intent of the query. Try to work on informational keywords if you’re working for Adsense! Wait for the next episode, tomorrow.

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