How to Find Passion To Work On What You Love

How to Find Passion To W

One of my friend  requested to write on it.

It’s a complicated topic because many people are unable to find their passion.

Because whatever shining things they see, they start loving that.

For example, if someone is earning a lot of money by making apps, he thinks he should be an app developer.

Next day he sees a graphic designer is earning a lot of money, he runs after it.

But here are some tips that can help you:

1. Passion Demands No Money. Can You Do Without Getting Paid for One Year?

Discover the field on which you can do for 1 year without getting paid.

Yep, for the whole year.


2. You Come Out of Space and Time.

Yes, when you do what you love, you don’t feel time is passing.

Neil Petal said I discovered my passion by trying different things. I tried everything until I discovered I am good at marketing. He has become a good marketer.

He said try different things for a week. If you hate that, then leave. Try another thing.

I myself did graphic designing, photo editing, hacking, video editing, but I didn’t love anything until SEO came in my life.

I can’t live without SEO. I love writing and reading without being worried about getting paid. When I read about SEO, hours pass, but I don’t feel time is passing.

Note: It took me 6 months to discover. When you try your best, you find. Otherwise it is difficult.

I would say to watch this video:

(Urdu/Hindi 40 Minutes) I am sure, it will help you to find your passion.