Use Google Console Effectively To Increase Traffic of Your Blog

How to Use Google Console Effectively To Increase Traffic of Your Blog

Google Console must be 100$ per month, but Google gives for free. People don’t value free things, but you should.

No bullshit, just to the point.

Go to Google Console> Search Analytic > Select Position and Queries

See here.

Now select Google Docs by going at the bottom.

See here.

Now you know that only Top 3 Positions in SERP gets about 70% of the traffic.

Your focus would be to rank your existing articles in SERP.

Now set this setting in Google Sheet:

See Screenshot.

Now find the keywords (queries) that are ranking above 2. And select all keywords that are above 2 and below 10, and copy all those keywords into Bulk Upload Keywords of Everywhere.

See here.

Paste all the keywords and get Volume and CPC.

Now Sort your Keywords upon Volume

See here.

Now work on these keywords to rank higher. But how ?

1. Make backlinks on quality sites that should be niche relevant.
2. The higher the competition, the more backlinks you will need.
3. Understand Anchor Text Ratio before making backlinks, you can read the guide here
4. You can use internal linking to rank higher your existing pages. Internal in those articles that are already ranking high in SERP.
5. You can make backlinks via Guest Posting, Web 2.0, Slide share, Infographics and YouTube Links.

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